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The best dad. My greatest teacher.

his praise was hard-earned but to receive it gave my heart wings; made me think i could do anything as long as i worked hard and never gave up. may i pass on his wisdom and integrity to my boys.

forever in my heart; his voice in my head; his laughter in my ears.

Ethan Michael Fishman 7/13/44-2/20/19


New Classes at DWS!

Oh boy, spring has sprung at Decatur Writers Studio!

Tons of new adult classes on the site:

6 Weekers:

Writing Your Middle Grade Novel w/Jackson Pearce
Storytelling Through Food w/James Auchmutey
Novel In Progress w/Zoe Fishman
Thriller Writing Workshop w/Joshua Corin

Saturday 3 Hour Crash Courses:
Flash Fiction w/Melissa McNamara
Picture Book w/Laurel Snyder
Script Writing w/Oreathia Smith
How to Outline Your Novel w/Mickey Dubrow

Saturday 6 Hour Seminars:
Poetry & Prose: Unleashing Your Story w/Melodie Rodgers
Analog to Digital: How to Craft Stories for Audio & Visual w/Karin Pendley Koser & Alison Law

Sign up now!

Novel In Progress 6-Week Workshop @ Decatur Writers Studio in March

I'm teaching a six-week Novel In Progress Workshop at Decatur Writers Studio in March. If you've taken my 101 or have your novel pretty well underway and are looking for great feedback from your peers and yours truly, this class delivers.
Also: deadlines. Deadlines are so key in getting your writing flowing again.
Here's the link to sign up if you're so inclined:
Thank you!