Pub Day!!
Reading this Sat., April 12th @ Eagle Eye in Decatur!

Driving Lessons In Stores Now!

DrivingLessons pb

Pick up your copy at your favorite indy or big guys, and/or online at all of the usual suspects!

Zoe Fishman, author of Balancing Acts and Saving Ruth, delivers a funny, thoughtful and heartwarmong story of the dilemmas and choices of modern womanhood, in which a thirtysomething woman juggling questions about career, motherhood and friendship must decide what she really wants.

Sarah, a marketing executive with a cosmetics firm, is tired of the crowds, the commute, and the pressure of New York City. When her husband accepts a new job in Farmwood, Virginia, it seems like the perfect chance for life in the slow lane. She's certain a move to the suburban countryside will give her the chance to finally figure out what she really wants -- and whether that includes becoming a mother. Her perfectly together younger sister-in-law just had a baby son, and Sarah's husband is eager to start a family of their own. At thirty-six, the clock is ticking, but she still isn't sure.

Motherhood (or not) isn't her only concern. Sarah conveniently forgot that living in the 'burbs would also mean facing one of her deepest fears: driving. Lessons might help her build confidence behind the wheel, but Sarah still hasn't figured out exactly where she wants to go.

Then, a crisis involving her best friend Mona lands her back in New York -- a trip to the past filled with unexpected truths about herself, her friend, and her perfect sister-in-law...and a surprise that will help her see the road ahead.