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Big thanks to The BNC and The MJCCA

Last Wednesday was nuts. Not only did I wear tinted moisturizer, a dress, Spanx, heels and a scarf as an accessory ( not all at once + this is unheard of for me as the mom to a 13 month old and writer on a deadline), but I had the pleasure of speaking to two lovely groups of human adult people (also unheard of for me / see above).

In the morning, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Atlanta chapter of the Brandeis National Committee about my writing -  past, present and future - and then enjoyed lunch with this group of sophisticated, warm and well read women.

Then, that evening, I joined my colleagues Lisa Baron Shore and Elisa Dimitria Bowman at The MJCCA to speak about The Atlanta Writers Academy. Together with these very talented women and The MJCCA, we're offering Memoir, Novel Writing and Screenwriting classes this April. The turnout was fantastic, and I'm excited to start teaching this Spring.

Spring! Just typing that word made me happy. We're close, people. In the meantime, here are a couple of shots from the day.






Calling All Writers

Hidy ho.

I've decided to give teaching a shot, and am really excited about it.

If you're in Atlanta and longing to get your novel up and running, sign up for my Novel Writing 101 Class at the MJCCA. Running on Thursday nights throughout April, it's going to be an intimate workshop designed to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page. Sign up here!

And if you're not in Atlanta, and Women's Fiction is your genre of choice, check out my class on Lit Reactor. I'll be sharing my knowledge and insider industry info as well as offering a critique of both your synopsis and first 10 pages. Sign up here for that one.

And of course, if you have any questions at all, email me. Happy to answer them.

See you in class!