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November 2012

Thanks, Springfield JCC!

My lone Springfield photo. Had a wonderful time reminiscing in Boston with my good friend Lauren beforehand and then, off to Springfield for a nice talk at the beautiful Longmeadow Library. Added bonus: my old college roomie and all around homey Bev came with her fam to show support. Hadn't seen her in years and years. Happy.

Thanks, Springfield JCC!

Nov 20, 2012

Big thanks to The Springfield JCC for a lovely talk in the beautiful Longmeadow Library last Sunday. Thanks too to my old and dear pal Bev and family for coming. It was so great to see you!!!
No photos this time, but here's one of me and the little man this morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 20, 2012

Thank you, Ann Arbor!

I had a wonderful time speaking at the Ann Arbor JCC Book Festival on Monday night. My Aunt Alice and Uncle Mike sponsored the event, and the turnout was fantastic. I felt so special. Huge thanks to them.

And! I even took a nap. Not during the event, but the day of. A real live nap without worrying about the little guy. Speaking of, I owe another giant thanks to Ronen, Karen, Nurit and Michelle for making it okay to leave for two days.

Here are some photos.

My wonderful Aunt Alice.

The Q&A, a la James Lipton.

Lemon face.


My cousins Gale and Marty.

Bertie: the cutest dog in the world.