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August 2012

Lilith Magazine

Looked up 'proud' in my thesaurus to find the right synonym to describe how this review makes me feel. Found a couple: appreciative, contented, honored.

Many thanks to Joyce Zonana for such a beautifully written piece. I can't link to it online, but a bit follows below. It's featured in the magazine's Summer Issue (Volume 37, No.2).

"In one of her incisive short poems, the English poet Stevie Smith assumes the voice of a dead man : 'I was much further out that you thought,' he moans, 'I was much too far out all my life / And not waving but drowning.' Luckily for the heroine of this quietly powerful novel...her friends and family do realize that she is drowning, even while she insists that she is waving. Fishman richly captures the feel of summer evenings in the deep South...and she takes us fully into the struggle of one young woman to allow herself to be saved by the people who love her."

AJC Decatur Book Festival

Decatur is probably my favorite neighborhood in Atlanta. There's something Brooklyny about it, with its strip of charming stores, delicious restaurants, rugrats and their parents milling about and slightly bohemian vibe. I am beyond excited to be included in their Book Festival Lineup this year.

If you're in the area over Labor Day weekend, please stop by The Local Prose Stage at The Courtyard Marriott from 1:45 to 2:15 PM on Saturday, September 1st. I'll be reading from and answering questions about Saving Ruth. I would love to see you!

Page & Palette

We drove down to Orange Beach earlier in the week to see my parents, and Ari was utterly charmed by the pelicans and the hammock on the back porch. The waves and sand, not so much yet.

On Thursday, Ronen stayed back with the little guy, and we went to Page & Palette, a beautiful bookstore in Fairhope that's been around for over 40 years. I signed books and got to see so many faces from my past. It is truly amazing to experience deep friendships at such a young age and then reconnect (in some cases almost 25 years later) as women. It was truly a wonderful afternoon.

Here are some pics. Wish I had taken more!