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Thanks, Chicago!

I had a great time reading at Women & Children First. A million thanks to everyone that came out to support! Chicago really is a great town. Big fan.

Also, a giant thanks to my husband's colleague Duane Lewis. His banana pudding is straight from Dixie - the real deal, with the 'nilla wafers and everything. Ridiculously delicious.

Duane is a confectionary magician - give him a ring if you're in the Chicago area and need to sweeten up an event or party: 773 - 732 - 4485. Yum.

Hello Chicago!

Man, am I happy to be here with Ronen. The long distance thing sucks on an infinite level, but I will say that when we do see each other it really is bliss. Complete bliss. You really do appreciate each other so much more when your time is limited. Going to have to remember that when this year is a distant memory.

Chicago is insanely gorgeous right now, and in full bloom. What a beautiful city! It's hard to tell when it's buried under snow, I guess. We went on an epic bike ride yesterday. No lie, the lake sparkled Caribbean blue! Amazing.

I am thrilled to be reading at Women and Children First in Andersonville this Friday at 7:30 PM. Please, if you're around, come by! I'd be so grateful for your smiling faces.