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The final countdown...

doo dee doo doooooo, do dee dooo doo doo dooooooooooooo

Man. I can't believe that the time has come. Tomorrow, my book goes on sale - to be either loved, hated, lukewarmed or disregarded by the reading public. A lifetime of dreaming and over a year of writing is finally culminated in one gorgeous book. What a gift!!! I feel blessed and happy, and nervous in the best possible way. What will be, will be. It's all about the journey, as my Dad says. Very true.

If you find yourself near or in a bookstore tomorrow, and you see my little book waiting patiently to be purchased, please take her home. And if you're feeling really ambitious, take a photo of yourself with it and send it to me. Fully clothed, preferably, and in no compromising positions. You know who I'm talking to.

Well, it's time to sign off. If you're in Brooklyn tomorrow night, please stop by Book Court in Cobble Hill at 7 PM. I'll be reading from the book and wine will be flowing.